6,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

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  • Model: H009730

Sometimes, a central AC needs a little help. Even when almost every room feels fine, there can often be that one spot that just won't stop being hot. For rooms that struggle with too much heat, the Window Air Conditioner can help. This air conditioner is rated to work with spaces as large as 250 square feet. That makes it a great choice for houses and office spaces that need a cooling boost in a room or 2. With 6,000 BTUs of cooling power, we think you'll love how this window air conditioner can fight off the hottest days, letting you enjoy the room as you should. Not everyone has the same preferences when it comes to temperature. Not every day requires the same amount of cooling power either. That's why this window AC unit is made with 3 cooling options and 3 fan options. So you can set both the temperature of the air coming out and how much of a breeze it makes. This window AC unit is made with a number of other settings that let you make the most of it. For example, this room air conditioner has a timer that lets you set it to run at certain times of day. It also has a dehumidifier option for days that aren't really hot, but still muggy. All of these settings can be controlled on the unit itself or with the handy remote control. What's special about this AC is that it's also environmentally friendly. This Energy Star certified air conditioning unit uses eco-friendly R410A refrigerant, plus there's an Energy Saver mode that makes the unit focus more on efficiency than output, which can come in handy when the room won't be occupied for a while. With all the necessary installation hardware included, this Cool Living Window Air Conditioner has everything you need to make those hot rooms not just bearable, but comfortable all day long.