BC15BS 15-Amp Battery Charger & Maintainer with 40-Amp Engine Start

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  • Model: H004539

Tools Co. has come up with this 15-amp battery charger maintainer system and 40-amp engine start capacity. One of its features is the automatically select charge rate that can adjust for rapid charge or trickle charge to maximize battery life. With the maintainer gives this unit the ability to charge a battery at 3a, 15a, or 40a. The 40a selection will provide the power needed to jump-start a vehicles engine in 90 sec. There is an alternator check indicates that will indicate any potential alternator issues. with the battery reconditioning technology will helps to reverse sulfate buildup on lead plates, which will improve charging ability and has the capability to extend battery life. The microprocessor and LCD screen with its easy-to-read icons lets you know what the charger is doing. It has a build-in reverse-polarity protection system.Dimensions: 12.38"x 5.75"x 9.75"HWeight: 8.05lbs.